Sam is a passionate and dedicated educator, committed to breaking down walls surrounding the mystery of the voice. Always excited to work with new vocalists, her spirited approach to music is infectious and a constant source of inspiration to her students.

Sam currently works as an Academic Lecturer at The Australian Institute of Music in Sydney, where she teaches Contemporary and Music Theatre voice, sight singing, choir, ensemble, masterclasses and theory/aural skills.

Sam provides lessons from her private studio in Hornsby Heights or online via Zoom, often mentoring HSC singing students in preparation for assessments and performances. She also teaches piano, music theory and aural skills.

Having delivered seminars on voice in London and Malta, her knowledge of vocal technique and style combines with a strong theoretical background, providing versatility in her teaching approach. Sam’s fresh approach to voice training combines science, skill, connection and creativity, with a focus on building performance confidence and refining repertoire to a high standard.

Sam teaches a balanced vocal technique which covers the entire vocal mechanism – the vocal folds, the larynx and the relationship between airflow, muscle usage and resonance. Her goal is to help singers create a strong technical foundation so they have the tools to sing any style they wish and grow their confidence as performers.

If you would like more information on lessons for yourself or your child, please get in touch and you will receive an email to discuss further details.

30 min lesson
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45 min lesson
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60 min lesson
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